IOFNW Conference Presentations 2017

Please find below links to the presentations from the IOF North West Conference 2017, we will be uploading the presentations as and when received so please check this webpage from time to time.

Opening Plenary – 2017 IoF NW Plenary – Richard Turner
Also Richard’s Blog
Workshop 1 – Developing Resilience – Mark Hughes
Workshop 2 – IOF NW Board Buy in
Workshop 3 – IoFNW 2017 – Landing Pages
Specialist Workshop – Managing Millennials
Workshop 4 – Be The Best You Can Be 2017
Workshop 5 – IoF North West – GDPR
Workshop 6 – Legacies – IOFNW Conference – Chris Millward – Presentation 2
Specialist Workshop – Not all furniture recycling Sept 2017
Workshop 7 – Making a Noise – Jon Arnold
Workshop 8 – Individual Giving – Trinity – Pebblebeach presentation IOF Sept 2017
Workshop 9 – Stephen Pidgeon – still awaited
Specialist Workshop – Full Cost Recovery and Listing core shared costs_Helen Middleton
Plenary – Peter Lewis – Peter Lewis Plenary
Workshop 10 – Major Donors – IOFNW
Workshop 11 – IoF NW 280917
Workshop 12 – Generations 1.2
Specialist Workshop – Muslim Giving Presentation 28-09-17
Workshop 13 – IoF North West Presentation Oliver Taylor
Workshop 14 – Purpose-ology
Workshop 15 – IOFNW – What Are Your Donors Going Through
Plenary with Laura Taylor – presentation not available. Link: and also /quiz
Workshop 16 – iof nw mv pdf
Workshop 17 – CT IOFNW Payroll Giving 280917 Final and DWF IOFNW Payroll Giving 280917
Workshop 18 – Julie Roberts – link to presentation:

5 thoughts on “IOFNW Conference Presentations 2017

  1. Dear IOF
    Many thanks for organising this two day conference in Chester, not only was it extremely well delivered it was also in an ideal location for me.
    I only wish I was part of a larger team so that an attendance to each workshop could have been achieved, however receiving these presentations is really helpful – so again thank you !
    Kind regards

    • Hi Helen
      Our pleasure and really glad it was beneficial the presentations are going up over the next week or so. It’s really difficult sometimes deciding on which workshop to attend but we like to offer a good choice for everyone.
      Vice Chair

  2. Hi there one and all at the NW IoF and thank you for a WONDERFUL CONFERENCE and great workshops ,I know its alot of hard work and also the speed of you getting these presentations together whilst it is still fresh in my mind is fantastic. I am rather long in the tooth as the saying goes, yet i still learn something new and this year helped me settle a number of dilemmas i had bought with me, s i left with a clear strategy to go forward with. Thank you again you wonderful people.

    • Thank you for your kind words Kim. We’re always happy to have feedback and when its as nice as this it makes all our efforts worthwhile. Thank you for brightening up our day, we hope to see you again next year.

  3. I also enjoyed the conference tremendously! I feel very humbled by being given a bursary to attend. The whole event has motivated me to work in a different way, the workshops that I attended were fantastic and the other fundraisers I met were warm, friendly and interesting to talk to.

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