IOFNW Conference Programme – Day One

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Please note this is a provisional programme and may be subject to change.

DAY ONE – Wednesday 26th September 2018

09:30 – Registration and Coffee
10:00 – Chair’s Welcome
10:05 – Sponsors Introductions
10:10 – Opening Plenary
Speaker: Eamonn O’Neal, St Ann’s Hospice

11:00 – Networking and Coffee

11:30 – Workshops 1 to 4
1. ‘Problems with Legacies’  Paul Maddocks, DWF

2. ‘Capital Campaigns – the Theory and the Reality’ Rowena Dean and Andrew Evans, National Museums Liverpool
Whether you’re a lone fundraiser or have a big team behind you – capital campaigns are likely to be the biggest fundraising challenge any fundraiser can face. They require imagination, determination and the commitment of your entire organisation in order to be successful. Andrew Evans and Rowena Dean will talk through the theory of delivering a successful capital fundraising campaign and share the case study of the campaign to create Liverpool’s new Everyman Theatre.

3. ‘Communicating with Influence’ Cathy Shimmin, DSC
Whether you are trying to influence funders or trying to get colleagues on board with fundraising, this workshop will provide you with some top tips but getting attention, getting hear and getting results. Come and find out about what makes us tick, onions and a family of bulls. Curious? Good, got your attention then!!

4. ‘Peer to Peer Support’ Sylvia Pearl
This session offers you the opportunity to share challenges, issues or opportunities and gain support and advice from your peers.

12:30 – Lunch

13:25 – Workshops 5 to 8
5. ‘Collaborating with other Charities, a Superhero Themed Case Study!’ Chris Normington, JDRF
This year for one of our events we created the charity package that we’d always dreamed of receiving and offered it to other charities. We said no to a three year contract, volunteer commitment and extra cost for marquee space. We said yes to pay as you go places, equal branding and press coverage and sharing marketing materials. Find out why we did this, how the event went, what we learnt and what other charities thought of being offered the ultimate charity package!

6. ‘The Future of Fundraising – Tap and Go Technology’ – Angal

7. ‘Diversity in Fundraising’ – Dawn Morris, Black Network of Fundraisers

14:30 – Workshops 9 to 12
8. ‘Volunteer Recruitment and Retention’ – Jarina Choudhury, NVCO
What do you need to know to keep your volunteers happy? In this workshop Jarina will cover the basics around managing your volunteers well, and help you to rethink your traditional volunteer roles so you can be more creative in when it comes to fundraising.

9. ‘A Legacies Case Study’ – Michael Clark, Cystic Fibrosis Trust
Legacy and In memory: Our first five years

  • How we started from scratch with legacy and in-memory promotion
  • Qualitive and quantitive research with our bereaved supporters
  • Changing the culture internally and externally
  • What this means in terms of income, now and in the future
  • The ‘products’ which forms part of our supporter journey
  • Where to next?

10. ‘The Resilient Fundraiser’ – Julia Worthington, Amber Consulting
Are you a fundraiser that sometimes feels overwhelmed by the amount of work that you have on your plate?
Would you like to find a way to say no sometimes?
We will look at different kinds of stress and how on-going, long term stress affects the body. Work and life both affect your response to stress, so we will look at all areas where you can create resilience.
You will discover methods that will help you to cope with all the demands on your time. You’ll even get to close your eyes and try a little meditation.
By understanding how YOU experience stress, you can create your very own ‘Resilience Toolkit’.

15:30 – Networking and Coffee

16:00 – Plenary
Speaker: Daniel Fluskey – the Institute of Fundraising

17:00 – AGM – Institute of Fundraising North West
17:15 – Close
18:30 – Bursary Drinks Reception
20:00 – Annual Dinner

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